Gold Medal Gymnastics

Gold Medal Gymnastics

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Preparing Young and Talented Athletes for a Bright Future

Let your children discover their athletic skills with help from Gold Medal Gymnastics. We provide training programs in gymnastics and dance. With the guidance of our experienced coaches, your kids can reach their full potential.

Get Started

If you’re interested in our training programs, simply download and complete our enrollment form. In the document, you will find gym rules, requirements, a waiver, and auto-pay enrollment. If you have any questions, feel free to call or visit us at: 1677 Delaware Xing,  Independence, Kentucky, 1-859-802-2615 today!

Class Schedules

Class Descriptions

Preschool: ages 3-5

  • Our preschool classes focus on physical capabilities and development. These are structured classes with fun and motivating themes that help them stay on task, take turns, and increase motor skills. With guidance from their coaches, they can do the impossible! Here at GMG, we will provide learning experiences through fun themed lesson plans. “Let’s go to the jungle!” We’ll walk across the balance beam; looking through our tube binoculars to find the jungle animals. Then, do a handstand against a waterfall, swing like monkeys on the bar, and jump like frogs across the tumble track. Remember that each child develops at his or her own pace and strength!

Kindergarten: ages 5-6

  • Get ready to be a big kid in this class! We will focus on hand-eye coordination, locomotor abilities, and social skills. We will use the gymnastics apparatus to learn basic skills such as: a variety of rolls, cartwheels, the “all important” handstand, and basic bar and beam skills. At GMG, we will do our best to make learning fun! The gym will be a safe and friendly place where your child will want to be every week!

Educational Classes: ages 6 and up

  • In our educational classes, we want to focus on general coordination skills, flexibility, attention to detail, discipline, and the determination it takes to grow their confidence as they develop. We will focus on bars, beam, floor, and vault; with some additional adventures in our themed lesson plans. Students will begin to set goals, understand mistakes and make corrections, problem solve, use their creativity, and will be eager to learn new skills.

Tumbling: ages 6 and up

  • A challenging, but fun, physical activity! Tumbling is a form of gymnastics performed without props or equipment. We will focus on power, agility, flexibility, and spatial awareness. Common moves include flips, a variety of rolls, tucks, handstands, and handsprings. If you want to learn tumbling skills that will help you in other sports such as cheerleading and soccer, then come try us out!

Educational Invite: ages 6 and up

  • This class will require an invitation to join after being evaluated by a qualified coach. When your child is chosen for this class, the coaches found the following traits: physical strength, flexibility, basic skills of levels 2 and 3, motivation, disciplined, mental toughness, and sportsmanship. The extra training time of 1 and a half hours will allow the coaches to focus on extra conditioning and the small details of every gymnastics skill.

Gold Medal Gymnastics Educational Team

  • Getting invited to the GMG team requires invitation from a qualified coach. What is required by a team gymnast? 1. Commitment- the sport will require the gymnast to be present for every minute of scheduled training time. 2. Attitude- gymnasts are expected to have a good attitude towards themselves, their teammates, and coaches. 3. Passion- the fuel to stay self-motivated and be willing to learn and grow. And 4. Focus- set and achieves goals with the success of hard work. The gymnasts will want the desire to compete and have an overall love for gymnastics!

Fitness: ages 8 and up

  • Is your child someone who wants to get motivated, learn skills to strengthen muscles, and feel positive and energetic? Then this is the right class for them! Come learn rigorous training sequences through low intensity exercises that build cardiovascular fitness, while also improving muscular strength and endurance.


Ballet Dance: ages 4-16

  • Dancers will learn about music, movement, coordination, spatial awareness, and the basics of ballet. Ms. Loghan will focus on etiquette, respect for others, and self-confidence. The students will learn a choreographed routine to a recent top 40 song to show case to the parents and family.

Hip Hop Dance: ages 4-16

  • Hip hop dance refers to the street dance. Your instructor, Ms. Loghan, will teach several styles which include break dancing, popping, and locking.

Preschool Open Gym: ages 3-5

  • Requires supervision on the floor at all times from parent or guardian. Your open gym coach will direct a quick warmup and stretch, then your child is free to follow an obstacle course, explore low beams and bars, and jump on the tumble track, all while listening to age appropriate preschool music.
  • Grade School Open Gym: ages 6 and up
  • Grade school 6 and up can come to our Saturday morning open gym to explore all areas of our gym: bars, beam, floor, and vault. Gym will be supervised by GMG coaches.