Gold Medal Gymnastics

Gold Medal Gymnastics

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About Us

In business for more than three years, Gold Medal Gymnastics offers gymnastics, dance, and all-star cheer classes. All of our programs are taught in a 4,800-square-foot studio located in Independence, Kentucky.

A Lifelong Love of Sports

The new owner has a strong interest in sports, molds talented youth and teenage students to boosts their confidence, motor skills and become disciplined. He has always been involved in coaching sports and the youth to keep them active and learn social skills for their future.


Gold Medal Gymnastics is being used as a training facility and venue for your events. If any class size exceeds 6 or more students, we have 2 trainers and we limit our class size to 12 students per class. We provide and encourage skill information for you and your child to continue their personal training. We encourage constructive feedback from our students, parents and staff and have an open door policy. Our passion is to pass on the excellence gymnastics instills in the youth of the community as they will be the next generation to do the same.

Our Mission

We provide training programs that promote good mental and physical health. Our team also strives to boost the self-esteem of our students and help them develop discipline, respect, and independence.

Nowadays, our society is structured in a way that kids are always on social media doing unproductive activities with no focus on the future. We focus on balancing life with hard work and fun. We want to make a positive impact by providing an environment where children can train to become fit and healthy. Families are also welcome to get involved.

Through our programs, we help kids stay out of trouble. We teach them good values and guide them as they become productive members of the society.